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Why Sound Heals

As a child I knew very early on that I wanted to be a psychologist, I guess trying to make sense of parents and circumstances that were out of my control. Fast forward a thousand years and I have now worked in the field that I choose and found more questions about humans then answers. Couple that with a father who was chronically ill, where the western medical approach failed him and us, and a mother who has managed to live her best life with CLL, and you have an adult me who started deeply looking at alternatives to medical and emotionally healing.

I am an Alice in Wonderland type researcher, following answers deeper and deeper till something clicks. Something definitely clicked with sound healing. It made sense to me from a God point of view, meaning everything started with sound, and from the medical and emotional side of things. I know what music means to me and does for me as a stress release mechanism, and as it turns out sounds that are vibrational are even more powerful tools to release stress.

There are many medical reasons why this is the case, but the easiest explanation is that we as humans are water/vibrational beings, so when something is toned around us we resonate to it; for example, your chest vibrating should you ever find yourself in a tunnel at the same time with Harley Davidsons. That vibration is not healing, however, many tones based on our musical scale, as well as tones that are outside of our auditory range, are healing. This is why we can use binaural beats, meaning two notes played together, one in each ear, that creates a third tone, to change our brainwaves.

What does that mean when it comes to healing — sound healing techniques can change the way our body reacts to stressful stimuli, whether it is emotional or a physical pain. Sound healing also allows those of us who do not meditate easily to do so, to drift into a Theta brainwave state of relaxation and stress reduction. This state allows for deeper prayer, self actualization and intention setting. The ways to receive sound healing are to experience a sound bath with a group, go for an individual session to focus on specific issues related to your health and well-being or throw on some head phones and listen to a healing session. Listening, although not as intense a healing modality, is still an effective and easy solution if you do not have the time or a sound therapist in your area.

United Sounds of Healing offers Wednesday Wind Down coming up on January 15th @ 7pm in Worcester, MA, 381 Park Ave at the Eastern and Western Medical Center. I am also putting together an online sound healing and 2020 goal setting session, tentatively scheduled for January 31st. Start thinking about the changes that are good in your life and how to do more of that, as well as the things that are not serving you anymore. The coming online sessions will be a contemplative sound. More details coming soon. Again, Happy New Year!!

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