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Prenatal Sound Therapy
Prenatal Sound Therapy Group

Numerous studies have been done where the heart of the fetus is soothed by music. Prenatal Sound Therapy Group uses vocal toning, bowls, forks, and drumming to decrease prenatal anxiety, increase the bond of Mommy and Baby, and support fetal soothing. The ear develops early in the gestation process. By the 16th week the ear is functioning, and it is able to hear by the 26th week. Tonning and vibrational sounds help to relax both mom and baby. Starting after the 26th week is highly recommended.

Individual stress relieving sound massage

Mommies may also wish to experience individual stress relieving sound massage. The frequency of the sound penetrates your body’s water and bone, to release stress and blockages on a fundamental level, this therapy dissolves worry, tension, and body strain. It’s a balancing therapy, bonding mother and child at their cores.

individual prental
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