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Soul-counseling individual Session

Singing bowls and other sound tools are ideal for working on clients who are “touch-sensitive” . Bowls and other tools focus on the energy body around a client, with bowls being placed on the body when appropriate. Bowls both Tibetan and Crystal stimulate body, mind and chakras in ways that can’t be reached by hand or acupuncture needle.


Clients that suffering from anxiety, those dealing with

  • chemotherapy,

  • fibromyalgia,

  • MS, depression,

  • PTSD

or other medical problems that throw the body into an overly sensitive state of being can benefit from Soul-Counseling.


Sound and vibration from sound tools is soothing to the mind and muscles and can help achieve a deep state of relaxation in a client who presents with acute stress.


A Soul-Counseling session connects body, Mind and Spirit while activating the body's own self-healing abilities so the client can experience healing on many levels.

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